In this 7-day series, Lauri will share this brand new FREE 7-Day Voice Matters Experience on the Vocal Presence Path. You’ll explore the Vocal Presence Path together through 7 audios approximately 8 minutes each.

Because each day’s audio is just 8 minutes long, we’ll focus primarily on experience (as opposed to theory or detailed explanations).  Lauri will guide things with her voice - warming you up for our days by tapping into your inner wisdom and connecting with the world openly from that place.  We’re taking the time to create the space for our Soul’s voice to speak to us from within and through us to our world.
Lauri will focus on one aspect of the Vocal Presence Path more each day – taking one day for each of the 7 steps on the path.  For example, one day she might Root in a Sense of purpose for 7 of the 8 minutes, on another we might focus on Breathing Life into the Experience (nourishing ourselves with the Nourishing Breath while supporting the sound of our voices) for 7 minutes).

The theme for this series is Quiet Leadership.  We’ll explore questions like:

 -What is Quiet Leadership? 
 - What does it mean to lead as a quiet person? (Perhaps an Introvert or HSP.) 
 - How can we access our engaging Quiet Presence? 
 - What is it to include Quiet Leadership in your range? (even if you are an extrovert or high sensation-seeker)

And, most importantly, we will experience these questions and use the Vocal Presence Path to help us feel Quiet Leadership.

The Vocal Presence Path
Get the Tools You Need to Speak From Your Soul’s Voice Anytime, Anywhere

The Vocal Presence Path is our unique method – a holistic body-mind-soul approach to speaking for current and emerging leaders. We use The Vocal Presence Path in all of our offerings to expand the range, resonance and impact of emerging leaders’ voices. The Vocal Presence Path is a powerful practice, not a quick fix. You will learn techniques and methods that will immediately help you become grounded and confident – even in the most nerve-wracking situations. And, as with any practice, the more time you spend, the more you benefit.

For more information on the Vocal Presence Path, visit our About Page and then click on the Vocal Presence Path Tab.  You can expand the bullets to get more and more information.


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